I was born in 1984 in a small italian town called Chieti.

At the age of 13 I started studying electric guitar for a few years with the goal of writing my own music. Through these years, I got a Sound Engineering diploma, a master's degree in History of Philosophy, and i came back to school to study composition and music theory at the Civic Musical Academy of my own town. 



Speaking of music styles, here's a few pictures of the artists that shaped my composition taste the most: 

Wojciech Kilar

Danny Elfman

Angelo Badalamenti

Akira Yamaoka

And these guys too...

The Cure

Steve Vai


Paolo Benvegnù

Today I'm a freelance composer, leading my way into the business. I'm a member of the Game Audio Network Guild association (G.A.N.G.), one of the biggest audio professionals community who shares knowledge and trends in video game's scenario.